Address by Kaspars Gerhards in the annual Estonian Conservative People’s partie’s congress

Dear Estonian friends,

On behalf of the National Alliance “All for Latvia!” – “For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK”, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the Estonian Conservative Peoples’ party on your annual congress. It is an honour to be here and I sincerely wish you challenging and fruitful discussions here today so you can continue the good work you do in Riigikogu, in municipalities, as well as your activism in the metapolitics.

Today’s Europe faces two major threats – Putin’s attempts to restore the Russian Empire and the spread of leftist and liberal ideologies all over Europe. While these threats at first might seem very different, both have the same roots. Baltic countries are located on the very edge of these currently conflicting threats. Both the National Alliance and the Estonian Conservative Peoples’ party firmly stand on the frontline in fighting against these threats because, as the Bauska Declaration states, we “affirm the supremacy of our national sovereignty over the supranational institutions and we stand against any attempt to absorb our independent nation states.”

The fight against the enemies of European nation states is not just a political agenda. It is a mission and our duty towards the future generations. It is the challenge of our century, and there are no other major political forces in our countries willing and capable  to face it. Along with other good willing forces in Europe and the West, we have to work hand in hand in order to secure our civilization.

Rest assured, we firmly support the position of the Estonian Conservative Peoples’ party on language, the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine, migration and asylum seekers in the European Union and the attack on traditional and family values. I am glad our Northern neighbours lead by example in these issues, and am especially delighted that the actions we, the National Alliance, have taken have inspired you, too. The tradition of Independence Day torch-light march was born in Latvia and we are happy to see it spread among other Baltic nations. The photos of thousands of Estonian patriots participating in a torch-light march in the streets of Tallinn on your Independence Day were wonderful and inspiring to see.

Just like our parties learn from each other, so do our countries.

Cooperation and exchange between friendly neighbours is always beneficial. When the Estonian Conservative Peoples’ Party becomes a part of the Estonian government after the next election, our already effective cooperation can become a lot closer on a state-to-state cooperation level.


Continue the successful work you do in the parliament of Estonia and we look forward to the future cooperation with the Estonian Conservative Peoples’ Party.

Thank you!