Intervention of Aleksandrs Kiršteins, MP from the National Alliance, during the debate against signing of the UN Global Compact for Migration

Your Excellence, Madam Speaker,

Honourable members of the Saeima,

I admire people like Ms Voika. They are worried about what the UN will say about Latvia, they talk about small things, failing to grasp the overall concept.

Ms Voika, look out the window. What you will see is that half of the people in Riga are immigrants who came here illegally, while Latvia was occupied. The Declaration on Latvia’s Occupation, which urges international organisations to help Latvia deal with the consequences of the occupation, was proposed by LNNK and adopted by the Saeima in 1996. Our hopes that the UN, the organisation so actively praised by Ms Voika, would help us, have been in vain, and help has not arrived to this day.

This document is very controversial, incorrect from a legal standpoint and fatal for the people of Latvia. However, let us now look at the contradictions in this rather messy document.

Article 9. It is crucial that the challenges and opportunities of international migration unite us.

We clearly see the embedded notion of an opportunity already here, but not the real challenge.

Article 10. We also must provide all our citizens with access to objective, evidence-based, clear information about the benefits and challenges of migration, with a view to dispelling misleading narratives that generate negative perceptions of migrants.

A direct indication that migration should be promoted as something positive. However, what should we do when it has no benefits? And what will happen to those who dare to expose the downsides of migration? Well, they fall under Article 33(c): [..] stopping material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants. This is a clear indication that we have to close our eyes to the crimes committed by immigrants.

Article 13. Safe, orderly and regular migration works for all when it takes place in a well-informed, planned and consensual manner. We, here in Latvia, know first-hand what safe, orderly and regular migration looks like and the share of Latvians in the population of Latvia drops below 53%.

Article 15(e). Sustainable development: The Global Compact aims to leverage the potential of migration for the achievement of all Sustainable Development Goals. This means that developed countries will be the ones that primarily get all the support as they are the ones that will skim off the migrant labour from those countries of origin. That is what they mean by saying that potential of migration should be leveraged for the achievement of sustainable development goals.

And, of course, the most surprising of them all, Article 23(i). Build on existing practices to facilitate access for migrants in an irregular status to an individual assessment that may lead to regular status, on a case by case basis. The main idea of provisions hereby is to facilitate regular status to as many migrants with irregular status as possible.

Who are those people? Are the aware that such pro-migration provisions will deeply damage the nation state of Latvia?

45 years ago, the great French writer Jean Raspail made a prediction in his book The Camp of the Saints of millions of refugees of other races and cultures invading Europe and gradually dismantling the traditional European national cultures and wiping out national identities:

“It is unacceptable, enraging to me, it creates the numbing void of hopelessness in me to see so many educated Frenchmen blindly, consistently and even cynically sacrifice our good old France, I avoid saying ‘essential’ as that is an arousing term to them, on the edifice of a hyper-inflated sense of humanism.

And I have similar reservations about all those legal groups and what-nots, various leagues, think tanks, state-funded agencies, networks of inside facilitators that have infested all levels of government, those automated petition-spitting man-contraptions, always-politically-correct-and-likeminded media, and all those well-educated ‘intelligent types’ who continue poisoning the subconscious of the French people with their narratives from day to day.”

No better way to put it. No better words to describe it. Just insert Latvian, instead of French.

So, here are the real intentions behind the UN Global Compact:

  • create an impression of the need to embrace migration as the key prerequisite of sustainable development;
  • facilitate consistent immigration and whenever possible ensure that irregular migrants are granted regular status;
  • gradually restrict freedom of speech and stigmatise those who oppose migration.

Therefore, I urge all MPs to vote in favour of the resolution proposed by the National Alliance by quoting Robert Schuman, one of the founding fathers of the European Community and Foreign Minister of France, who warned us:

“A community of nations may only be built on one and the same civilisation. A community comprising a mix of nations from different civilisations can only exist if it has shared economic aspirations. Otherwise, there is a real possibility of a collision between antagonistic and extremist forces from within those civilisations.”


Photo: Reinis Inkēns, Saeima

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