On the ultra-liberal NGO caught in a lie regarding pro-immigration project

National Alliance has caught the ultra-liberal organization “Providus” in a lie. The think-tank “Providus” plans to influence Latvian school students and change their attitudes towards immigration and immigrants. To get their videos, seminars and “teaching aids” into schools to carry out their bizarre cosmopolitan propaganda, “Providus” stated the National Centre for Education of the Republic of Latvia is a cooperator in this project on their website.

The National Centre for Education, a subordinate body of the Ministry of Education, is responsible for the development of the new education curriculum. As the news that the institution responsible for setting the new national education standards is engaged in such a project seemed shocking, I immediately sent a letter to the Minister of Education requesting him to clarify the situation. The Minister’s response clearly states that neither the Ministry, nor its subordinate bodies are involved or are cooperating with “Providus” in this project.

This means that “Providus” have deceived the society and the schools of Latvia. We will do our best to raise awareness of this, especially in schools and do everything in our power to stop “Providus” preachers from getting into our schools. I see this as a matter of principle. “Immigrant lovers” are incapable to defend their ideological absurdities in a normal political struggle, so they try to take on the most defenseless part of the society – the children. They should prepare for a proper response!

Raivis Dzintars,

Member of the Parliament of Latvia,

Chairman of National Alliance “All for Latvia!” – “For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK”

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