Supporters of immigration have made it impossible for Europeans to feel safe – debates about annual report on foreign policy 2016

Rihards Kols represents our official opinion on debates concerning the report on foreign policy.

* EU that we need is based on values and traditions of nation states, it is a community guided by national parliaments and embraces clear division between the competencies of member states and the European Union. There should be zero tolerance for any and all attempts to blur this line;

* The Foreign Ministry should also be commended for finally being able to state explicitly that the European Union must be a union of sovereign nation states;

* Migration is still a threat to Europe’s security, and it diminishes Europe’s ability to cope with present-day tensions and security challenges. Organised crime networks of people smugglers and human traffickers that directly ensure the entry of migrants into Europe, continue their operation unhindered, across and through the EU borders;

* Supporters of immigration have made it impossible for Europeans to feel safe. Many European cities are patrolled by fully armed police or troops. Under these conditions, one must admit that mass immigration brings enormous challenges with it. It brings intolerance towards the European lifestyle, the rule of law, freedom, democracy and Christianity. Mass immigration increases crime and brings blatant disregard for the law. Murders and terrorist attacks. Therefore, we may not allow an even larger swarm enter the European Union. The external borders need to be reinforced, and most of the immigrants – sent back;

* The National Alliance believes that, in addition to the already existing formats, now is a good time to start strengthening the Baltic-Black Sea cooperation;

* We must continue persuading others that a softer approach or change of doctrine towards Russia would be reckless when Crimea is still under occupation. We should firmly stick to the course that we have charted until now. We must constantly remind and discuss the violations of international law committed by Russia.

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